NERFA Reflections

Well, that was an exciting weekend! I met so many interesting people, heard so much music and had some surprise collaborations. Here are some highlights from my experience:

  1. Having Lindsay Foote as my road trip partner and roommate. We hadn’t met before this, and thankfully we were fast friends!
  2. My second showcase in the Philadelphia Folksong Society room. The support I’ve received from Justin Nordell was instrumental to my NERFA experience. Watch it here
  3. My third showcase in the round with my friends in Tragedy Ann and Greg Smith. This was my first time being included in a showcase with them!
  4. Meeting Sam Simmons at the communal dinner on the last night and inviting her to play fiddle with me in my last showcase! Circadian Rhythm has never sounded so sweet.
  5. Being apart of the Canadian Showcase room and finishing the night by leading the group in singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac at 4am.
  6. Meeting new artists, specifically Canadian musicians I have never crossed paths with.