My Electric Octave Mandolins

Over one year ago, my dad brought my first dream instrument to life. He had been building it for over 8 months, and it was finally finished. I could hold the final product in my hands. I started writing songs with it right away, like Resilience. This electric octave mandolin had only 4 strings, but I loved it as soon as I played my first note. Since then, I have relied on it as my primary instrument.

Now, my dad has finished a second instrument- an 8 string octave mandolin. What makes this instrument especially unique is that the G and D strings are octaves, adding fullness to the overall sound. The body style is based off of the first guitar designed with women in mind, made by Ernie Ball in collaboration with St. Vincent. I feel like a star on stage when I’m wielding this electro mando!

The time, thought, and attention my dad has invested in crafting both of these electric octave mandolins is what makes them so special to me. They are as unique as the music I want to make, and made specifically for me. I’m thankful to have parents who are passionate about music, and support me wholeheartedly. When I’m onstage, my mom is in my voice and my dad is in my hands.