Resilience Tour So Far…

I have been deeply moved this weekend by the openness and kindness of others. Thank you to everyone who has come out so far, I appreciate every single one of you. The first show with Piper & Carson was darling, and Advocates for Student Culture Of Consent (ASCC) have been a perfect fit with the material of my EP and upcoming music. Their work is accessible, as well as challenging. I’ve learned a new thing every night.

As a community art project, I’ve asked members of my audience to doodle on a pair of jeans about what consent means to them, and they’re already a work of art! I’ll be bringing them to future shows until they are filled with words and drawings.

Next week, the Resilience EP and Resilience music video will be coming out on May 4th! Come celebrate with me at Burdock in Toronto. Wax Mannequin is sharing this show with me, so you know it will be memorable and entertaining.

Photo by Kadee McFarlane