Two Releases Tomorrow

After much anticipation, the Resilience EP is finally being released into the world with a music video for the title track. I will also be performing with Wax Mannequin tomorrow night from 6-8 at Burdock in Toronto to celebrate! I’ll be bringing new merch, the consent pants, and some new songs to boot!

At the end of this February, Kadee McFarlane filmed me shaving my head for the music video. It was a fun but emotional experience, I felt like I was shedding off the layers of things people have tried to make me into. I was reclaiming my identity. Having a shaved head was liberating in ways I wasn’t expecting. Every pimple that I had was put on display, and I couldn’t hide behind my hair. My face was suddenly front and centre, and I was exposed. I decided to embrace this new experience as a time of empowerment.

In the past few months, I’ve felt the most feminine, powerful, and sexy that I’ve felt in my lifetime! Right now my hair has grown into a long buzz cut, but I’m having fun with it at every stage of development! I’ve learned many lessons, one of which is that I am not my hair. My beauty radiates from my spirit, outwards! My joy and openness are what truly make me beautiful and gorgeous.