Resistance EP, 1 week away!

In one week, the Resistance EP will be live! In one week and one day, I start my tour. To give you some insight, below are the descriptions of each song featured on the EP.

Loud and Clear is a song that depicts my interactions with the police when seeking help and/or justice. It is brazen, fierce and all too real. This video is a clip of the song, performed acoustically

Priceless Advice deconstructs the messages people socialized as young women are given to keep themselves safe. These “helpful suggestions” come from parents, the police, friends, the media. Society puts the responsibility on women not to be violated instead of teaching men not to violate others.

Break and Enter is based on the idea that breaking and entering someone’s body is detrimental, much more so than breaking and entering someone’s house. The law does not treat it that way, but our bodies are our true homes.

Resistance is a rally cry to fight against systems of oppression and join together! We cannot accept the way things are, we have to make change in our communities and culture.

Flashes is a song that details the experience of being emotionally triggered after a traumatic event. Dealing with flashbacks is a difficult process.

Make sure to catch one of my shows on tour, and pre-save the Resistance EP here