NERFA Round 2

This years conference was a full experience. It was amazing to see my friends from last year, my Canadian crew, and meet new folks!

There were many highlights, include my first showcase in the Mavens Subculture room. It was the best way for me to kick off my performances because I had a 20 minute set to show the full scope of my art.

Another notable moment was playing in the Oh Canada showcase, standing on the hotel bed and leading everyone in singing “I have power”.

I wore the Consent Pants around the conference, and they created quite a stir! It was fun to make a statement against sexual harassment and engage people in dialogue about how they relate to the art that I do.

I am very proud of all the Canadian talent that was present in the Semi and Official showcases. My friends Annie Sumi, Tragedy Ann, Piper & Carson, Benjamin Dakota Rogers, David Newland and Siqiniup Qilauta all performed beautifully! It brought me great joy to see these artists rise to the occasion and captivate the crowds.

At these conferences, I always feel led to reflect. When I attended NERFA last year, I went on a months notice. I didn’t know many folks there. I was a completely different person and performer. This year, I knew the lay of the land. I was excited to see my friends. I spoke confidently about the purpose of my music, not just the sound and style.

Thanks to everyone who provided me a platform to perform, and to all the folks who empowered and inspired me this weekend. Community is more valuable than competition!