Hello folks!

I’ve been quiet on here the past month and a half. The Black Lives Matter movement has given me reason to pause, reflect, and further educate myself. I hope you all have taken the time to do the same!

I released Patterns Repeating earlier this month, and it is free to download on Bandcamp. My friend Jasmine Cedar Panacheese did the stunning artwork. Please donate to a local charity that is doing work to support BIPOC folks in your community!

Listen to Patterns Repeating here

This song is about our power as people-individually and collectively. These times of quarantine are uncertain for most, and for folks experiencing domestic violence it is beyond terrifying. Before COVID-19, intimate partner violence was on the rise in Canada. Now with enforced isolation, there has been a surge. Women’s Shelters and Sexual Assault Centres have had to endure cuts in funding as the need for their services grows.

Power was recorded live at a concert before quarantine. The audience singing gives me chills every time I listen to the track. 50% of the proceeds from this song will be donated to my local sexual assault centre to support their work in my community.


Cover Art by Magickal Support Group

The video for Survivor is officially live! I recorded it in -3 C with my friend Benjamin Dakota Rogers in Mount Pleasant.

I found out the sign for the general store my grandparents owned was a part of the set for filming! This surprise made the video even more special to me.

Watch, listen, share.

Listen to Survivor on all streaming platforms!

In the age of the #MeToo movement, this song validates and empowers the diverse stories of survivors of sexual violence. It is being released on International Women’s Day to celebrate the resiliency of those who have spoken out against perpetrators of abuse (IE Harvey Weinstein), those who have not been believed, and those who have yet to share their story. I see you, I hear you, I believe you.




Hello folks, I’m ready to hit the road again this spring. If you can make it, I’d love to see you at one of these shows. Bring a friend and be surrounded by good vibes with warm people.

I think I’m most excited to perform in New York City because I’ll be entering new territory. The shows I’m playing in Ontario are at familiar venues, ones that I’ve had my best shows at.

Hello folks! I know it’s been a while, but some special announcements are coming. The first of which is that I am releasing a new song on March 8th titled Survivor in honour of International Womens Day! If you want to hear the song before it goes live, you can get a free download when you donate to my GoFundMe campaign. Every dollar goes to support my new record, and by helping me now it guarantees you’ll get access to the record before it’s released.