Over one year ago, my dad brought my first dream instrument to life. He had been building it for over 8 months, and it was finally finished. I could hold the final product in my hands. I started writing songs with it right away, like Resilience. This electric octave mandolin had only 4 strings, but I loved it as soon as I played my first note. Since then, I have relied on it as my primary instrument.

Now, my dad has finished a second instrument- an 8 string octave mandolin. What makes this instrument especially unique is that the G and D strings are octaves, adding fullness to the overall sound. The body style is based off of the first guitar designed with women in mind, made by Ernie Ball in collaboration with St. Vincent. I feel like a star on stage when I’m wielding this electro mando!

The time, thought, and attention my dad has invested in crafting both of these electric octave mandolins is what makes them so special to me. They are as unique as the music I want to make, and made specifically for me. I’m thankful to have parents who are passionate about music, and support me wholeheartedly. When I’m onstage, my mom is in my voice and my dad is in my hands.

Wow! The Womage concert at Lee’s Palace this past Friday night was one for the books! It was the first show I’ve played with Riley on drums this year, and we had a riot.

This Saturday, I’ll be in Kingston with Katherine Fischer for our joint bill at Musikki Cafe. It’s going to be a really cozy night.

I found an article posted by Canadian Beats last year that listed me as one of the top ten artists to watch at Canadian Music Week! So much has changed since then, and it’s always interesting to reflect. Discovering the article made my day!

One final note- I’ve put up a GoFundMe campaign to help me finish up my upcoming record. Find it here, any support is greatly appreciated!

Wow, performing in Stratford made for such a delightful night! The room was warm and receptive, everyone felt welcome. I love telling stories and feeling the energy in smaller house concerts!

The show at Lee’s Palace is coming up this Friday night and I’m getting excited! My percussionist Riley Campbell will be joining me on stage, and we’ll be playing some songs I don’t normally perform solo.

I’m going to be making use of my reading week by coming out to Musikki Cafe in Kingston on the 23rd with my friend Katherine Fischer! This show is going to be cozy and intimate, which is fitting for the February weather.

This upcoming month has some really big shows!

First off, I get to play an intimate house concert on February 1st in Stratford with Wax Mannequin. This will be the second bill we’ve shared this year!

I haven’t played in Toronto since August, but I’ll be making my comeback with a show at Lee’s Palace on February 15th! This bill is filled with awesome women in music, and I’m excited to make some magic with them!

Lastly, I’ll be heading out to Musikki Cafe in Kingston with Katherine Fischer for a performance on February 23rd. Exploring new territory is always fun, and it’s a pleasure to perform with your friend.

P.S I may or may not be performing with a new custom instrument… You’ll have to show up to find out!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of recording part of my debut record. I’m so grateful for the support I have behind me. Art has been my therapy through these past few months; Music has helped me to process my emotions and see my experiences in a different light, which I am thankful for.

The album I am working on is autobiographical, following my journey through the emotional fallout of sexual assault. The whole work is deeply personal, and a representation of recent challenges. The songs explores themes of self discovery, social isolation, anger, processing trauma, and finding a new way to live. After releasing my song Resilience , it has been made clear that my story is not unique. These themes are connecting threads, and this is why I am making the album.

There are many more announcements surrounding the upcoming music, but this is the first. Stay tuned for updates on shows, releases, and other exciting ventures.